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The Excel Hero Academy opened registration yesterday for the 4th class ever. And just like that the enrollments came flying in!  Several hundred so far.

The quality of each of the classes in terms of the students in truly amazing and this class, EHA4 is no different.  I know many of you have been waiting for an open enrollment.  This is it.  The next one won't be until the Spring of 2013 most likely.

EHA is truly an amazing journey.  I break down Excel into concepts that most experts have never considered and by the time I'm done weaving it all back together,  you are left with that feeling of Eureka... and think to yourself, of course that's how Excel works!

Hundreds of alumni will be retaking the course and are very happy to do be doing so because there is just so much information that sometimes viewing a particular lesson a dozen times reveals new actionable insights each time.

How does it work?

The course is actually a hybrid of work-on-your-own-schedule and a preset schedule.  Allow me to explain...

All of the materials and resources for the course are online.  However, they are not presented as a webcast.  Rather, the videos play on demand, 24/7, when it is convenient for you. The modules come out on a weekly schedule.  So during week 1, all of the students work on the materials from Module 1 whenever it is convenient for them, 24/7.  

There is massive interaction in the class forums discussing the concepts and their application.  Homework is assigned for every module and students are encouraged to post their completed assignments (usually workbooks) to the module's HOMEWORK WALL.  This is an extraordinarily beneficial activity, as everyone learns from everyone else.  

It's really amazing.

So then on to week 2 and Module 2 is released.  The same activity occurs 24/7 during that week, but this time on the Module 2 lessons and homework.

Week 3 brings Module 3, and the same activities.

Now we take a break for a week so that students can review all that they've learned from the first three modules. And trust me, you will need this time as the concepts are very powerful and take time to fully penetrate.  We do some challenges during this time as well.

This pattern of three modules followed by a review week is followed throughout the duration of the rest of the course.

So we are on a schedule to do three modules every four weeks, but you decide when you will study throughout the process.

Are you ready to discover the next level of Excel?

The value proposition of EHA is off the charts.  You will learn in 16 short weeks and for a few hundred dollars what it took me decades to learn.  The value of the course is that it dramatically shortens your learning curve.  Master Excel on one side, and command VBA on the other.  With EHA you will become an Excel Hero.

And for the first time Chandoo and I are teaming up to offer our courses together, at a discount.  Imagine that the EHA Super Bundle has my entire course as well as Chandoo's Excel School & Dashboards Course. That's more than 50 hours of Excel and VBA training, and more than 60 example workbooks and tools.

Master Excel Now by enrolling in EHA4.


If you've spent any time on this blog, you know the types of potent Excel solutions I share.  Well, it took me two years to fully develop EHA. I'm telling you... you should take the course.  It's that simple.

Here's what students have to say:

  • "Jaw-dropping... For the advanced Excel user, Daniel's Blog and the Excel Hero Academy are
    treasure chests full to the brim with invaluable Excel information, techniques and ideas." - Robert Mundigl

  • "Daniel's expertise in Excel is unrivaled in my opinion... Daniel's Excel training has literally changed the way I view Excel and use it for business purposes." - Vedantham Srinivas

  • "I was especially impressed with the Excel-Access set of tools that enables Excel to used to retrieve data from and update an Access database." - Dennis Plum

  • "I challenge 'anyone' to put together a better course than EHA for a comparable cost. I'll go out on a limb here say, it aint gonna happen." - Calvin LeBlanc

  • "I've never seen anything like Daniel's course. Nothing is remotely like it. Daniel's course has paid for itself time and time again." - Michael Shallal

  • "History will show that Daniel Ferry has built a fabulous body of work." - Brendan Drew

  • "There is nothing like Daniel's course out there. The content is like discovering gold." - John Hackwood

  • "This is an empowerment system with so many extras. Thank you, thank you for a fabulous Excel journey and experience." - Danièle Questiaux

  • "I am very very happy with the course, best I have ever invested in. I am glad I ordered the download option as I believe I will keep learning from your modules for a long time to come." - Ajay Gajree

  • "The content and videos in Daniel's class are the best I have seen." - Wanda Norrick

  • "Forget all the businessy stuff. Daniel is to Excel as Neo is to The Matrix. By the end of the course, you'll be 'walking the path' with your new powers of Excel-fu. Learn from The One!" - Mark Sessoms

Master Excel Now by enrolling in EHA4.

But hurry.  The next class is next year.

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Hi Daniel,
Thanks for informative share! Will the pricing details be available prior to the launch of Excel Hero Academy? I'd like to have a discussion with my boss about paying for the program, and obviously cost will be an important consideration.

Justin Version

Hello Justin.

I assume you are a spam bot since the enrollment page linked to above clearly lays out the enrollment level options and the various price points... and because you have listed two links in your comment signature.

But if I am wrong and you are genuinely interested in the course, here is the URL that explains everything:

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