Excel VBA Class 2012

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The next class of the Excel Hero Academy will open on February 1, 2012!

There's already a couple of hundred students on the waiting list, and many of them have been waiting since last summer.

While EHA is not a VBA class per se, Visual Basic for Applications is a significant component of the class because of the sheer power it brings to the table.  VBA is the mechanism that Excel uses to record macros, but it is so much more than this.  It's a fully fledged programming lanuguage in it's own right and when you understand how it works, you begin to understand the rest of Excel in a completely new light.

Think about this.  Even if you cannot distribute workbooks in your organization that contain macros, you can still use VBA to craft incredibly awesome workbooks that contain no VBA themselves.  The resulting workbooks may then be shared with your colleagues.

If you want to weild Excel to do your bidding in your workplace, VBA is a must.

The way that I teach VBA is very intuitive, but I have you jump straight in to the deep end.  For some, it can be helpful to have some foundation first.

Chandoo's VBA Class dovetails perfectly with the Excel Hero Academy course.  You will be perfectly prepped for the intriguing concepts I present in the Academy.  I highly recommend it.

Chandoo has just opened registration for his new VBA Class - which is 21-hour, comprehensive VBA course.  If you know your way around regular Excel and have always wanted to learn how to devise your own VBA and not just copy a snippet you found somewhere, than this is the course for you!

At the bare minimum, please click on this image and watch a video of Chandoo (who is also a Microsoft Excel MVP) describe the course in detail:


Chandoo's courses always offer extraordinary value for money and this course is no different. But you can also choose to bundle it with his flagship Excel School and Dashboard programs. Extreme value indeed!

There is no doubt that enrolling in Chandoo's VBA Classes will prepare you well for the Excel Hero Academy course, so please keep that in mind.

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I'm interested in the EHA training.

Am I able to signup for it after Feb 1st and still get 6 months access from whenever I signup? Or is registration closed Feb 1st?

Another question regarding EHA:
- There are 12 Modules
- But, 16 weeks of training

Can you tell me how the extra 4 weeks are spent?

Hi Dennis.

Thanks for asking. More information will be published shortly on the new class.

But registration will OPEN on February 1 (not close), so six months from there.

The extra weeks are for review. The pattern is three weeks of instruction followed by one week of review. And that pattern repeats four times. Trust me, you will need this extra time because the amount of information that we cover is enormous.

During those four extra weeks, you still have access to all of the academy resources and the forum to interact with the other students and with myself.



Thanks for this clarification.

But, if I'm unavailable to take the training until May will I still get 6 month's access from that point (If I delay my registration until then)?

Or would my access terminate at the end of July (6 months from Feb 1st)?

Hi Dennis.

Candidly, it might be better to wait until the summer class, if you are not able to begin until May.

The six months do beginning the class begins.

I plan to offer EHA 4 this summer.


Registration begins Feb 1 but when does the class start? When does module one start?

I am sorry Daniel not Dennis.


Instruction will begin on Monday, February 6.

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