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VBA vs Macros

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A couple of months ago, Microsoft asked me to take a new, student grades template for teachers and enhance it with a little VBA so that it could print an entire class of student progress reports in a batch.

The existing template was built by fellow MVP, Beth Melton. It's a good example of some of Excel 2010's features, including Excel Tables.

It only took a few minutes to enhance the workbook with the VBA required to print each progress report in a batch.  It was very well received by Microsoft and they asked me if I'd be interested in penning an article for their Excel Blog specifically about how the code works.

The process of having an article published on their site is fascinating. A lot goes into it from their end.  And the experience is very different from what I'm used to with my little blog.

But I am happy to report that they published my article a couple of days ago!

Here it is, my very first article on Microsoft's Excel Blog:

Awesome Formula Challenge!

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Over at the Excel Hero LinkedIn Group, I just posted a very tough Formula Challenge for converting numbers to written words.

The objective is simple: beat my formula!

Can you do it?

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