Excel Hero Logo Contest!

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It's been 19 months since I started the Excel Hero blog.

Excel Hero has grown into quite a number of operations and groups since then. I feel it is time to get a professional brand going. 

So I'm holding a logo design contest at 99designs.

So far there have been over a hundred entries, most of which I did not care for. But some hold some promise even though "The One" is not there yet. But the contest is an interactive process, so I will be guiding the designers.

Please help me by providing your comments here. You can refer to the entries by number.

And hey, if you have the talent, enter a design. The contest pays $695.00!

I have been very descriptive in the Contest Brief.

Leave your feedback here or at the Excel Hero LinkedIn Group.
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Hi Daniel,

I just held a successful design contest there as well. It was about the 5th day into the contest before I started getting decent designs. For what it's worth, I like #218, #202, #198 (but I didn't look at all of them!). You can allow others to vote, by selecting your favorite designs, and then generating a URL that you send to people you want to have review your choices and weigh in. You can get feedback right on their site. Good luck,


Hi Daniel,

i donĀ“t know if you have decided but anyway here is my favorite: 480

I will wait for a T-Shirt :-)


I am inspired by your work and obviously this blog is perfect. logo design

Good stuff as per usual, thanks. I do hope this kind of thing gets more exposure.
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