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Many of you have heard the news that I plan to offer beginning and advanced Excel VBA courses through the Excel Hero Academy this summer and these courses are going to be great.

But in the meantime Chandoo has just opened registration for his new VBA Classes - which is a 12-week, comprehensive VBA course.  If you know your way around regular Excel and have always wanted to learn how to devise your own VBA and not just copy a snippet you found somewhere, than this is the course for you!

At the bare minimum, please click on this image and watch a video of Chandoo (who is a Microsoft Excel MVP) describe the course in detail:


Chandoo's courses always offer extraordinary value for money and this course is no different. But you can also choose to bundle it with his flagship Excel School and Dashboard programs. Extreme value indeed!

There is no doubt that enrolling in Chandoo's VBA Classes will prepare you well for my upcoming VBA course so please keep that in mind.

Also, this summer I will be offering the second class of my normal Excel Hero Academy. I had originally planned on running that class this spring, but it will be held this summer. There are already over 250 people on the waiting list. Please consider joining us... it is going to be fantastic! Just fill-in the form on this page:

And finally, if you have some interest in my upcoming VBA-only courses offered through the academy, please fill in this interest list form:

If you are reading this in email or RSS and connot see the above form, please click here.

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