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The Excel Hero Community is blossoming this spring, like its on some type of super-growth serum!

It is a tremendous feeling to witness the growth of this blog, the interest in the Excel Hero Academy, the newsletter, the LinkedIn groups.

Thank you very much indeed!

The one thing we all have in common is our passion for Microsoft Excel.  It's an awesome thing to make a living simply by working with Excel. But not all of us have that luxury.

I thought it would be helpful for the community to have a place where we can search for Excel jobs. We have readers from all over the world and so I searched for a way to post searchable Excel job listings from around the world.

I'm happy to announce that the Excel Hero website now has an:

You will notice that 28 countries are listed in what looks like a random order. The order is actually by number of Excel Hero Blog readers over the last 90 days (as of May 19, 2011). Sorry I could not list every country, but the ones represented comprise almost all of our readers, and the service I'm tapping into for this does not list jobs for every country in the world.  But 28 countries is pretty good I think.

Thank you for the growth! I hope you find the Excel Jobs Board useful.

P.S. Have you read about the VBA Classes?  ... :)

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