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If you are searching for information on Excel formulas, you have struck gold!

But if you are looking for a quick answer to an Excel formula problem, this is not the right place. The Excel calculation engine is vast and it will take a long time to fully understand how to harness it to solve business problems.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a place to help you truly understand how Excel formulas work and how best to harness that knowledge, this is the place!

Excel Hero (this blog) is packed with articles that teach you how to wield Excel like a master. This topic is quite large, but here is a straightforward crash course.

Excel Formulas

I would suggest that you start with my article, Which Function To Use.

And then to gain true mastery, I would read these articles on advanced Excel formulas in order:

Live Calendar Musings
The Venerable SUMPRODUCT
I have been told by hundreds of advanced Excel students, that this list of articles includes some of the very best insights into Excel formulas ever written!

So please bookmark them and plan on reading them many times.

Excel formulas are the foundation of Excel's power. To see the sorts of things possible, examine these interesting dynamic charts that are built with Excel formulas!

 - Excel, A Presentation Platform (Number Spiral)
 - Lilac Chaser (Optical Illusion)
 - Stereokinetic (Optical Illusion)
 - Illusory Contours (Optical Illusion)
 - Breathing Square (Optical Illusion)
 - Enigma (Optical Illusion)
 - Two Sinusoids (Optical Illusion)
 - Perpetual Collisions (Optical Illusion)
 - Freezing Rotation (Optical Illusion)
 - Reverse Spoke Illusion (Optical Illusion)
 - Stepping Feet Radial Illusion (Optical Illusion)
 - Swimming Fish (Optical Illusion)
 - Mutually Interfering Shapes (Optical Illusion)

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