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Chandoo's Awesome Excel School!

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Chandoo has just opened his awesome Excel school once again for admission.

If you want to develop an amazingly strong skill set in Excel, Excel School is the right place. The online school is first rate, as are the downloadable workbooks and videos. It is obvious from the moment you first log on that Chandoo has worked endlessly for over a year now, designing the perfect curriculum and developing lessons, with the business user in mind.

The motto of Chandoo's blog is Become Awesome in Excel. Excel School will definitely help get you there. In fact, if you are interested in being an Excel Hero, I would go so far as to say that the information in Chandoo's Excel School is a prerequisite.

Every lesson can be viewed online or downloaded, and the class includes over 1,350 minutes of video instruction hosted by Chandoo himself who not only is the creative force behind the famous Chandoo.org Excel blog, but he is also a Microsoft Excel MVP.

Working your way through this pertinent material will leave you with a solid, well-rounded Excel foundation. Just look at the lesson plan:


*** *** ***

And this time there is an incredible 8-hour, World Class Dashboard option, including an interview with yours truly, and other dashboard experts!

*** *** ***

Chandoo's Excel School comes with over 45 crystal clear example workbooks and access to the Online Classroom which is an extremely valuable resource where class-members share ideas, ask questions, and discuss lessons.

Classes begin as soon as you sign-up. 

If you are serious about expanding your Excel knowledge, here is the link.


Post Script:

If you are interested in enrolling in my next class of the Excel Hero Academy (which will likely be in March of 2011), an extremely smart strategy would be to take Chandoo's School first. My class is quite advanced and you will learn how to do things in Excel that boggle the mind. Having the foundation that Chadoo's Excel School provides will make it much easier to transition into my course. They are completely complimentary and together form a very nice learning path to extreme Excel awesomeness!

If you are interested in joining the interest list for the next class of the Excel Hero Academy, please fill in this form:

Excel is 25!

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Today I had an incredible surprise that I wanted to share with the Excel Hero community.

Microsoft has just posted a facebook site celebrating Excel's 25th Anniversary:


The 64-second video shows FIVE of my workbooks! I'm stunned. I knew they were working on this but had no idea that my work would be so prominently featured.

Can you identify all FIVE? Each comes from this blog.

I also shared my favorite Excel creation on the contest page

Maybe you would like to vote for it... or enter your own!

To vote for my entry in the Excel 25 contest, here are precise directions to do so: 

Go to http://Facebook.com/microsoftexcel. Click on the Like button at the top. Click on the tab called, "Excel Contest." Then goto the bottom of the page and click "Check out the stories others have submitted." Enter Daniel Ferry in the search box near the top of the new page and click the Search button. Click the VOTE button next to my name. 

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