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Awesome News on the Academy

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Much to my surprise, we blasted through the 100 student mark at the Excel Hero Academy last night.

I did not expect that the Early Bird Discount would be exhausted in just 2 days!

I thought it would take at least a week. Wow.

At any rate, I am extending the discount until the end of this week.  So if you have not had a chance to do so, now is a great time to check out the Excel Hero Academy and save yourself a hundred bucks!

The Early Bird Special is now set to end at 11:59 PM this Sunday, October 31. How's that for a Halloween surprise?

I must say that I'm very proud of the inaugural class. We have an unbelievable student body, including Excel MVPs, world class professional Excel trainers, business execs, engineers, accountants, financial planners, stock traders, analysts, fire chiefs. Really smart people from all over the world, and the interactivity and discussion in the forums is amazing.

Honestly, I could not be happier with how it has turned out thus far.

Rave Reviews

Students are working through the first week module and giving rave reviews. Here's what they are saying:

Fantastic....... and this is just the first class... Thanks Mr. Ferry! I must say you have gone to great lengths to put this presentation together. Great graphics, and the presentation is all Excel combined with Flash........ Kuddos! Can't wait for the next installment!

-H. Rozario


In a nutshell: WOW!!
I used named formulas before but never to this extent. Your explanations are very easy to follow even for people that dont speak Eglish as their native language. I liked your inteligent array-index formula, quite simple to use and extremly effective. By the way, please do consider my help if you ever plan to translate this information into Spanish, I'll be more than glad to help you with this.

Once again, thanks for putting together such content in a User friendly way!!

P.S. Cant wait for next week's module!!

-J. Carranza


That was a great first module, I'll definitely be going back through it again over the weekend. I made it through and thoroughly enjoyed the whole module.

Simple things like double clicking the drag down handle of a cell to fill formulas down made me laugh out loud and grin at the screen like a child (I would have killed to know that a year ago).

All in all, I know this is probably going to be the best training I've ever invested in.

Can't wait for the next module.

-R. Brown


Okay - first module completed and I was quite pleased to learn a couple of new tricks that I can begin using in practice immediately. Overall, very pleased and impressed with the content, format, and process. Thanks, Daniel!

-T. Quist


Just completed the module. This is exactly what I've been needing!!! I never take notes in training, and I've already got a whole sheet of notes. I've already got new ideas on how to solve issues I'm dealing with now.

I can't wait for the next one!!!

-P. Sherrill


Daniel, personal touches like this will make your Academy really an amazing experience.

-M. Sessoms


I will say that I am very impressed, your feed-back has been stupendous! You must be pleased how it is going - though I am sure a few sleepless nights recently! The forums are great - hope lots contribute.  I am very pleased I enroled (& would dearly reccomend if I knew anyone!). I liked the assignment #1. I tend to cobble together most of my 'stuff' from the 'ms excel misc' newsgroup, however is invaluble to have an actual grounding of the fumdamentals - eg 'the way an excel cell  thinks as 'me'!)

Super, well done, look forward to the next one - everyone is chomping at the bit!

-M. Bennett


Great Homework!!!

This actually challenged my brain a bit! 

Now that I see the level of assessments you make, I'm more than sure that I wont be disappointed; worth every dollar!! :D. 


-Jose C.


Early Bird Special Ends Soon

The Excel Hero Academy is blazing right now. Come soar with us!

Excel Hero Academy is Now Open for Enrollment!

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The long wait is finally over!

I am very proud to announce that the Excel Hero Academy is now open for enrollment.

Please click here to read all about it on the academy website.

Excel Hero Academy - Video

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Today, I would like to share with you a 5-minute video summary of the Excel Hero Academy, which opens in 4 days!

You can choose High Definition or Standard Definition. All videos in the interactive edition of the academy are in HD:

I will be offering everyone on the academy interest list a great bonus, so please sign-up if you have not done so already!

Click here if you cannot see this message.

Excel Hero Academy Opens

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Click here if you cannot see this message.

More information tomorrow!

A Big Question For You and Excel Optical Illusion #33

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For the past nine months it has been my pleasure to bring you this blog. 
This is my 84th blog entry!

During this short period I have been sharing a very wide range of topics and sample workbooks that I thought would be interesting and instructive. But it occurred to me this week that I should really be asking you what you would like to see going forward. So here is a small survey that will help guide the future direction of this blog.

Note: If you cannot see the survey form above, please click here or here.


On another note, Excel Hero Academy is coming along great. I plan to make a major announcement in the next couple of days!


This week's Excel Optical Illusion is called The Koffka Ring. Like last week's I found this at the MIT collection.
From the MIT site:

Koffka was a Gestalt psychologist who studied the importance of grouping in perceptual phenomena.

In the case of lightness, he showed that a gray ring on a light/dark background looks uniform, but when the two halves are split, they look quite different. A new variant is also shown, where the halves are slid vertically, giving an impression of transparency.

Even though the half-rings are set against the same backgrounds in each case, their appearance depends on the overall spatial configuration.

My Excel version is an interesting XY Scatter chart. In this case, I am not using any graphics copied to markers, just normal series lines. The animation is done in a hybrid fashion between the method used in the animated business charts and in last week's animated shapes illusion.

Here is the illusion file:

If you like my blog, please be sure to sign-up for the new Excel Hero Newsletter. Subscribers receive all of my articles AND extra Excel Hero tips.

Why do I share these optical illusions? The techniques that are used to make them, when mastered, can be used in many other Excel projects, in charting, formula crafting, and formatting. Learn them. They will aid you on your journey to become an Excel Hero.

Here is a list of other Excel Optical Illusions here at Excel Hero:

The Haze Illusion
And here's a list of other animated charts on Excel Hero:

 - Excel, A Presentation Platform (Number Spiral)
 - Lilac Chaser (Optical Illusion)
 - Stereokinetic (Optical Illusion)
 - Illusory Contours (Optical Illusion)
 - Breathing Square (Optical Illusion)
 - Enigma (Optical Illusion)
 - Two Sinusoids (Optical Illusion)
 - Perpetual Collisions (Optical Illusion)
 - Freezing Rotation (Optical Illusion)
 - Reverse Spoke Illusion (Optical Illusion)
 - Stepping Feet Radial Illusion (Optical Illusion)
 - Swimming Fish (Optical Illusion)
 - Mutually Interfering Shapes (Optical Illusion)
 - Kaleidoscope Motion (Optical Illusion)
 - Curry's Paradox (Optical Illusion)
 - The Haze Illusion (Optical Illusion)
 - The Koffka Ring (Optical Illusion)

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