Faith and G.D.P.

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I came across this provocative infographic on FlowingData. I made mine into a dynamic Excel chart. Here is an animated GIF of the Excel 2007 chart:

This project demonstrates the quickest formula lookup method that I know, array-entered INDEX feeding off a common MATCH. It's a simple bubble chart. All of the interactivity is accomplished by formulas. There is no VBA here.

The most frustrating data to work with is a data table embedded within an image. Unfortunately this project required doing just that with Gallup's religiosity data. Notably missing from their data is Australia. I suspect that they would be more like the USA and less like Europe, but I could be wrong. Also it is interesting that UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Singapore were left off the original infographic published in the NY Times. All of these countries are even more of an outlier than the USA.

The rest of the data came from the CIA's The World Factbook.

Here is the file.

If you haven't heard, I am gearing up to start Excel Hero Academy, the purpose of which is to teach you how to do Excel projects like I do.
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I would like to think that the omission of several countries on the graphic posted to the NY Times was because the columnist who did the graphic put his legend over some of what he considered to be "less important" points of information, but it is just too hard to tell.

Wikipedia lists Australia with a Population of 22,500,000 and GDP Per person about U$42,000

Australia has no State religion but the government has us as 64% Christian
I doubt the practicing % is more than 10%

@Hui -

Thanks for the data.

But we are still missing the key piece for Australia - the answer to the question that Gallup was asking, "Is religion an important part of your daily life?"

I can understand why they were not able to obtain data for China, but Australia? Especially when you consider they were able to do so for places such as Vietnam and Kyrgyzstan.

So do you think the answer to that question would be inline with your estimate of practicing? If so, that would put Australia below all other countries on the chart.


Daniel Ferry

@Eric -

I would like to think so as well. But as I have shown it was very easy to include the legend without covering data that does not support the premise!

Daniel Ferry

Drop Australia in at 25%
I'd be surprised if it is actually that high though.

Another comment is on the clumping of the PIGS R US countries?
That isn't something I would have expected to see on this sort of chart

Do those countries need to take up more religion or maybe less to solve there problems?

Would be interesting to see in the United States what the correlation is between religous beliefs and income level.

@karl -

Agreed. If only I had the data... Come on Gallup!

Daniel Ferry

Don't know if this helps but I went to Wolfram Alpha
and put in
Religion vs Income in USA

and got:
{Christianity (84%) | Judaism (1.9%) | Islam (1.6%) | Buddhism (0.91%) | ethnic religions (0.39%) | Hinduism (0.38%) | Bahá'í Faith (0.28%) | Sikhism (0.09%) | Spiritism (0.05%) | Chinese Universism (0.029%) | Shinto (0.02%) | Zoroastrianism (0.019%) | Taoism (0.004%) | Jainism (0.0026%), $14.29 trillion per year (US dollars per year)}

and if you put in this query

Religion in USA

you get the population in each category

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