Excel School Deadline Is Today

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Just a quick heads-up that Chandoo's Excel School is closing enrollment today.

If you want to reinforce your Excel foundation you should seriously consider Chandoo's Excel School. A few months back I had the honor of reviewing his online school, just before he started the 2nd round of students.

I can tell you categorically that he has done a fine job. His online school is first rate, as are the downloadable workbooks and videos. It is obvious from the moment you first log on that Chandoo has put a lot of effort into designing the curriculum and developing the lessons, with the business user in mind.

The motto of Chandoo's blog is Become Awesome in Excel. Excel School will definitely help get you there.

Every lesson can be viewed online or downloaded, and the class includes over 1,200 minutes of video instruction hosted by Chandoo himself who not only is the creative force behind the famous Chandoo.org Excel blog, but he is also a Microsoft Excel MVP.

Working your way through this pertinent material will leave you with a solid, well-rounded Excel foundation. Just look at the lesson plan:

For Excel School 3, Chandoo has added several nice features and bonuses, including a live webinar.

Chandoo's Excel School comes with over 40 crystal clear example workbooks and access to the Online Classroom which is an extremely valuable resource where class-members share ideas, ask questions, and discuss lessons.

This class already has well over 200 students enrolled, so the class forum interaction is rocking.

Today is the last day that enrollment will be open for Excel School 3.

You owe it to yourself to watch the five-minute introductory video to check out how Excel School works. The video is on the extreme right of the Excel School description page.


P.S. I am planning on starting Excel Hero Academy on October 11, 2010. I will have sample course material available and enrollment will open during the first week of October. A huge thank you to each and everyone of you who have expressed interest, and especially to those who have taken the time to submit the questionnaire. I hope to answer all your questions when I officially open the enrollment.

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I have had the opportunity to take the class - it was GREAT! I would certainly recommend if you are seeking to take your Excel knowledge to the next level - this is the place to sign up!

-- J

@Jae -

Thanks for the feedback. I am sure many readers here will appreciate your candid remark, as do I.

Hope to see you in Excel Hero Academy as well!

Kind regards,
Daniel Ferry

waiting for the Hero Academy with baited breathe!! :)

I agree with Jae because i too attend the class it was simply great. The beginners must attend this class without fail. This is the best place for them to gain knowledge. Rush-up immediately..


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