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Please take a moment to give me some feedback.

For several months now I have been working on and planning to start an online Excel training program that I'm calling Excel Hero Academy. And for planning purposes it would be very helpful to know if YOU are interested in this.

In a nutshell, this is it:

  • In depth lessons to develop your skills to the point where you can craft Excel projects like I do! Topics covered will include charting (Excel Hero style, including animation), advanced named formulas, advanced array formulas, creative formula combinations, proper VBA coding (including branching, looping, subs, functions, modularization, classes, etc.), making forms, advanced macros, integrating Excel with other products and other workbooks, dealing with huge workbooks, optimization, dashboards, Solver, and many other things.

  • All content will be 100% original. Like my blog, it will be stuff you will not find anywhere else.

  • Completing the course will make you an Excel Hero, without question.

  • The program will be online and delivered once a week for 12 weeks.

  • The program will be paid.

  • In addition to videos and workbooks, we will learn from each other and share creative tips in a private, member only website.

  • I am calling this "Excel Hero Academy."


Are you up for such a program? Please take a second and tell me your name and email if you are interested.

I will add you to our list and keep you updated on the program.

I think I have a robust agenda, but I want to make certain that I am covering items of interest to you as well. So I'll send you a very short survey and you can tell me what topics you are interested in. 

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Hey, Keep me posted.

But keep price reasonable for us ( In India).

Yes, I'm interested.

Like Sachin said, the price will be the deciding factor...

Provided costs are reasonable I would be interested. Please could you keep me informed.

Yeah, Good idea Excel Hero, like you said original stuff is what will be very much appreciated but at a good price. I am more interested in developing my VBA skills and how to integrate Excel with other programs.

I'd be very interested in this, although I have almost no VBA skill. Would VBA, or other coding experience, be a pre-requisite for your course?

Very interested in doing something different with Excel! As with previous posts, cost might be deciding factor as well as how long sessions are, whether they can be put 'on hold' and how long they are available - not sure I could commit to one a week at a particular time.

Would be very interested. What would be the oldest version of Excel that could be used with the course content? I use Excel 2000 at work and 2007 at home.

Many thanks

I'm very interested in this training. I work with VBA extensively and it has become my preferred method to automate repetitive tasks and interact with other Office modules. I'm much weaker using Named Ranges and some of the more complex formulas you use. I am very interested to learn more about your methods and approach to problems and would like to be an Excel Hero as well.

hi i'm very much impressed with your project like the multi-threaded VBA.. i'm interested and would like to learn more about EXCEL HERO ACADEMY..


I'm very excited about the program. Having said this, please do consider a special price for applicants that live in developing countries or in my case, a third world nation. I live in Guatemala Central America so my salary is less than 13k US dollars a year (before Tax) so I guess you can really see why Im requesting a special price.
If the price is right then my girlfriend and I would roll in the course. BTW do you have any updates!!???

I dont see any other detail than this page on Excel hero Academy.
You rock with your cool VBA skills and new ideas.
Please mention the date of your excel school as well as price.
Will we be given the video tutorials, or any other concept you have developed?
How will a user interact with you or each other?


@Jai -

You are correct!

I have been working very hard in order to get the academy ready. My regular work commitments have taken too much time and the amount of work required to get the academy ready is staggering.

I had hoped to have an announcement out several days ago. Right now, I would say that realistically we are looking at October 18 for the start of the Academy with sample materials (along with all the questions answered) in the next couple of days.

Sorry for the delay!

Kind regards,


The suspence is killing me :) - think I might burst.

Updates please!!!
I'm really interested!!!

Really interested as well! How can I find out more about sessions / rates ?

The next class will be in June 2011.

If you are interested, please fill in the interest form on this page:


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