Excel Optical Illusions Week #24

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 This week's Excel Optical Illusion is called the Reverse Spoke Illusion.

Which way are the spokes moving? 

As Michale Bach describes this illusion in the his page that inspired me...

... The wheel defined by the dark-bright sectors is rotating clockwise and the spokes are rotating counter-clockwise?

Look again... The spokes stay put! Rather, each spoke makes a tiny shift in one direction and then slowly (subliminally) moves back.

I think this is the first time in ten years I've used a pie chart! This illusion uses VBA code very similar to butterfly rainbow to vary the colors of the chart.

Here is the file.

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Why do I share these optical illusions? The techniques that are used to make them, when mastered, can be used in many other Excel projects, in charting, formula crafting, and formatting. Learn them. They will aid you on your journey to become an Excel Hero.

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