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In my day job, I've been steeped in very complicated programming for clients as of late. I needed a break and so this evening I decided to unwind and make something beautiful. I call it butterfly rainbow.butterfly_rainbow_excel_art.gif

I'm satisfied with how it turned out, although the animated GIF does not do it justice. Please download the workbook for a better experience.

This is a Radar chart with named formulas for the series. The VBA is used solely to animate the colors. This project is simple and instructive. Have a look and let me know what you think!

Here is the file.

If you would like to see more Excel Art, here is a beautiful and very large poster I created to demonstrate Benford's Law. I think it is absolutely stunning!

And here are my two ALL TIME favorite Excel Art creations. They incorporate sound!

Here's a list of other animated charts on Excel Hero:

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Stepping Feet Radial Illusion (Optical Illusion)
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Mutually Interfering Shapes (Optical Illusion)
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Microsoft should keep you on retention, your workbooks are about the only things that make me want to get Excel 2007/2010!

@Gordon -

Thank you very much. Can I second your motion?

Daniel Ferry

xls please...

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