Excel Optical Illusions Week #19

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This week I have two Excel optical illusions to share. Both were submitted by Excel Hero readers and both are tributes to M. C. Escher, the brilliant Dutch graphic artist.

The first is called Escher Dice and is the third submission from Hui that I've published.


This is not a chart, but rather some very clever cell formatting.

The second illusion was submitted by Gerald Higgins, and is called Ascending and Descending.

This is definitely a chart and comes with the ability to alter the perspective.

Both of these impossible reality illusions really twist my eyes. Excellent work, lads!

Here are the files:

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1 Comment

Hi Daniel, nice blog.

I was trying to alter the perspective in the second chart, by clicking the buttons, but I got a 1004 error (Error in Select method from Floor class). The code stops in the line:



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