Excel Optical Illusions #16

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This week's Excel Optical Illusion is a spin on the Swirling Almonds.

As long as you move your eyes, the almonds just keep swirling and swirling.

No VBA. Just a simple XY (Scatter) type chart.

Here it is.

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hi Daniel!

Great effort on your site. I'm an amateur on Excel & came across the stuff that PHD Chandoo posted on his site, & thence here.

Tried to add you to my Google reader RSS subscriptions, but doesn't seem to work. Any ideas?

Good luck!


@Neil -
If you are seeing a page with crazy characters, just copy the full URL at the top in the address bar. Then go to Google reader and click the Add A New Subscription button. Paste the URL in there and you are good to go.


Daniel Ferry

Are we ever going to get any cashews? :)


P.S. I realize it's the shape of the nut that makes the illusion work.

I don't think the shape of the nuts is that important.
It is more the Shading of the nuts.
To prove this I copied the Picture and copied the left 2 nuts and pasted them accoss the others.
The effect is still there but very weak.

Have a look at

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