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The Excel Hero blog is now four months old, and this is my 49th blog entry. What an adventure it has been. I have never blogged before and to go through the process of nurturing the fledgling blog like a seedling and watching it flourish is very rewarding. The process, and indeed the blog itself, takes on a life of its own. In the past seven days Excel Hero has had five different days where the number of unique visitors was over 1,000 and one day where it was almost 2,000.

In my lifetime this has been one of the most interesting things I've ever done. I would like to thank each and everyone of you for bothering to read, for downloading my samples, and for your input. My goal from the beginning has been to build a community of creative solutions. That community cannot exist without you!

If this is starting to sound like a goodbye - fear not. I'm just getting started.


For many years I have made my living 100% from freelance Excel development. That means I'm a programmer with a focus on Excel. Clients from all over the world hire me to design and implement Excel based solutions to their business needs. I'm not cheap. Hey, I live in California with unbelievable costs of living. But I would venture to say that every single client I have believes that they receive excellent value for money. Well, there was this one guy who wanted to... but that's a different story. 

My rate is $150 per hour.

As a heart felt thank you I would like to offer my readers a $50 per hour discount for any work you might want to have done anytime over the next 60 days! Just send me an email and mention Excel Hero, and I will gratefully extend this promotional discount.

This week I plan to have two new articles posted. The first discusses the pros and cons of using [ ] shortcut range references from VBA. The second is when to choose INDEX/MATCH vs VLOOKUP and some other methods of looking up information. And of course, I will have a new Excel based optical illusion on Friday.

I'm also looking for a few volunteers to test a new business productivity tool I'm bringing out. It allows you to create an Org Chart for your business with one click, pulling data from your spreadsheet. All a user needs to do is select a column of employees and a column of managers and click the Make Chart button. That's it. The add-in instantly creates a beautifully formatted Organizational Chart from connected shapes. Of course there are options available to spruce things up. The user can copy the chart to PowerPoint or Word. The chart is live, and it can be edited. It's a powerful time saver and it's already in beta testing. I have several people testing it right now and am looking for a couple more. If you are interested please send me an email. I plan to release the product for general distribution within the next two weeks.

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I come from china,and very interesting in your blogs.my English is poor,can't express myself very well.
I want to become one of the volunteers that you mentioned above ,would you be kind enough to choose me?
thank you very much.

The number of unique visitors is 1000 for five days over a seven day period !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow ! Way to go.

please, count me in for the orgchart !!

Congrats on your success! Was the one day that was almost 2000 in response to the animated business chart? That thing was smoking, yet simple. Can't wait for your two upcoming posts on [] and VLOOKUP vs. INDEX/MATCH. I anticipate both being very useful to my current Excel tasks. By the way - I enjoyed your guest post on Chandoo.org today.

Again - congrats on your success. You shouldn't have too much trouble scrounging up clients with the portfolio you've put together on this site.

I would like to volunteer for the Org-Chart application....Look forward to your post on Match/Index....Your single match formula and a single array entered Index was a great tip..

Hi Daniel, I'd be proud to volunteer for the OrgChart application.

Believe me, these numbers, 1.000, 2.000, are just the begining. This blog is amazing. The Animated Business Chart was one of a kind...

I'm pretty sure that with this ad and this portfolio you'l find lots & lots of customers for your services!

Hey great stuff here Daniel. I would also like to volunteer for the OrgChart - my fave subject for at least a decade!

BTW you go back even as far as me. I used Microsoft Multiplan in 1983. Played with Multiplan on the Mackintosh when they were promo'ing it (remember 'small foot print'?) in 1985 with GUI/mouse. Used Excel since 1989 on PC (ver. 2, the first version on PC).

I come from China,Pay great interesting in you blogs.

Hi Daniel,
Each of your contributions are light years ahead of anything we have seen elsewhere. Please continue with your amazing, insightful unfoldment of the splendours of Excel et al. Also, apreciate the easy teaching style in your VBA articles. Wish you continued, and assured success with your blog! Best wishes, Suki.

@Suki -

Thank you very much for those kind words.

Rest assured that there's plenty more coming!


Daniel Ferry

Sr. Daniel,

Desde la Cd. de Mexico, reciba un afectuoso saludo y toda mi admiracion por su genial trabajo en EXCEL.

No soy experto pero me considero un usuario con dominio avanzado en el tema de EXCEL. Espero que en alguna forma tendre la oportunidad de contribuir con usted y sus proyectos.



Hi Daniel,

I work as an HR Analyst, and alot of my work revolve around employee data management, dashboards, and reporting projects, which also includes updation and reporting of org. charts on a periodic basis.

I'd be proud to volunteer for the OrgChart application.

Ram Kapoor

That is really interesting, You are an overly skilled blogger.This information is priceless. Thanks For sharing.

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