Excel Optical Illusions #14

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This week's Excel optical illusion is called, Lilac Chaser. It is generously brought to us by one of Excel Hero's Australian readers, Hui.

If you stare at the black cross in the center and keep your focus there a very curious illusion transpires. At first you'll notice that where a pink dot disappears a green dot appears. If you keep staring at the black cross, all of the pink dots disappear!

I think Hui did an outstanding job. This is a Radar chart with a little VBA thrown in to animate the dots, and it is well worth looking under the hood to see how it's done.

Michael Bach has a similar illusion in Flash and it is of course outstanding, but ours is in Excel, dammit.

Great job, Hui and thank you for contributing to Excel Hero's growing community!

The workbook is an .xls so it should work in all versions of Excel, but the newer versions render the gradients better and the illusion is stronger as a result.

Here's the chart.

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Very cool illusion.

Well done indeed! I adore different kinds of optical illusions and I've seen many, but this one really impressed me) You know, i don't even want to know how it's made, cause in this case magic will disappear(

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