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I've received quite a few PMs regarding the Multi-threaded VBA simulation. One person could not run the swarm due to a policy setting at work. I'd really love to know if anyone else has issues. It seems to be working for everyone else.

In case you are having difficulty I made these animated GIFs from screen recordings of the program running each of the three methods on my computer. All three produce the same data scraping results. The swarm is just way faster. And remember these results are from scraping a terribly slow website. Faster websites produce much more stunning results.


In case you haven't downloaded the Multi-threaded VBA simulation workbook yet, an explanation is in order. The gray bar represents the number of records needed to be scraped. The blue bar represents the records that have been requested. The green area represents records returned. The red line represents the speed or rate in terms of records per second returned, which is what the vertical axis scale shows.

I'd like to know if anyone gets over 2.00 records per second from the incredibly slow subject website.

You can read the full article here.

And download the latest workbook here.

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WOe hit the "subscribe to this blog " link and got a whole bunch of gobledy gook? cant i subscribe?

@Juan -

Sure. Just copy the URL (the web address at the top of your browser) when you see all that crazy stuff, and paste that address into you reader, i.e, Google Reader.

What you are seeing is the feed. It's meant for your reader, not directly for your eyes.


Daniel Ferry

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