St. Patrick's Day

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I had a delightful surprise today when my 10-year old daughter made this 4-leaf clover for me in Excel:

I told her she should turn it in for extra credit in math. I think she did a great job and I hope her teacher thinks so as well.

It's just one data series in an XY (Scatter) chart.

The file works in all versions of Excel, but looks better in 2007 or later. Here's the workbook if you'd like to see how she did it:

By the way, I hope you are wearing green today!

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I have a 7 month old daughter and St Patrick's Day is a big deal in our household. If she ever does something like this for me, I'm pretty sure she could pick out her convertible on the spot. Demonstrations of Excel prowess (i.e., nerdiness) carry considerable social capital.

Nicely done.

@David -

That was very kind of you. My daughter is delighted.

I took a look at your blog and your NCAA Bracket workbook and put my spin on the VBA. I'll send you a PM with it.


Daniel Ferry

Your blog is very usefull and with all information what I needed. So thank you and good luck!!!

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