Eurovision 2009

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Inspired by Chandoo's Flag Project, I decided to add plotted flags to another bezier curve project I had in the works.


The attached workbook showcases the results of the Eurovision 2009 Song Contest, using an XY (Scatter) chart and a VBA class to add events to that chart so the user just needs to move the mouse over a country's flag icon to see the votes they received.

The bezier curves showing which countries voted for the selected country are drawn from named formulas that update based on which country is selected. I think it's pretty cool.

So there were 42 participant countries and this workbook plots all 42 of those European flags in one chart just below the bezier chart. No VBA is used to plot these flags, just formulas. The VBA is used only for selecting countries, by hovering the mouse over their flag icon.

I like the minimal interface that the VBA makes possible, but you must make sure that the top chart is selected in order for it to work. The workbook open event does this for you, but if you select anything else you'll have to click back on the top chart to get it working again.

Please let me know what you think.

Here's the workbook:

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