Excel Optical Illusions #2

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Well, it's Friday and time for my next optical illusion rendered in Excel.


Don't believe it?  Go ahead and download the Excel 2007 workbook.

I finally found something useful for Excel's faux 3d charts! It's too bad that MS chose not to allow rotation around the Z axis for these kind of charts...

I'll have another next Friday!

Again here's the link to the workbook:

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This optical illusion has always been my favorite (I originally saw it with a different object casting the shadow, but the effect was exactly the same). When I first saw it several years ago, I made a print out of it along with a separate strip of paper, long enough to span both squares A and B, and colored with those square's common color (so I could prove both squares were filled with the same color afterwards) and showed it to all my friends and colleagues. That the squares could be so close together and yet "look" so different in color absolutely flabbergasted me back then and still does today.


Thanks for visiting my blog!

I agree that this particular illusion is one of the best and one of my favorites.

Hope to hear from you more.


Daniel Ferry

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